TJCTF 2018 - MISC (15 pts).

TJCTF 2018: Interference

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TJCTF 2018 Interference Miscellaneous 15 270 solves

Download: - md5: ab1e7054649da290274a02f0e01b3d40


Author: jfrucht25

I was looking at some images but I couldn’t see them clearly. I think there’s some interference.


We had 2 images composed by white and black pixels. We used Stegsolve to apply operations: NOT(IMG1 ^ SUB(IMG1,IMG2)).


Looking at the files

The first thing we did was opening the files contained in
The archive was containing 2 images named v1.png and v2.png :

![v1.png](/files/tjctf_2018/interference/v1.png?w=100&h=100) ![v2.png](/files/tjctf_2018/interference/v2.png?w=100&h=100)

By seeing the two files, I decided to do some operations with them such as xor.


To test differents opetations, I used the tool named “Stegsolve” by Caesum. The tool is written in Java (jar file) and allow us to combine images (“Image Combiner”).
I saw a different image while using the SUB operation, I decided to save it to solved.bmp.


Then I started to do operations between v1 and v3 and here it is (I added an extra XOR then a NOT)!



By decoding qrcode we got